We are a New Website About Prayer and Praying

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

This is a brand new website which is still under construction... and I want to welcome you. I hope you will find this a great place to spend some time and share some thoughts.

One day when I was doing dishes, I heard a voice telling me I should make a website about prayer... and all of a sudden, I had a burst of ideas on what to include. It was an amazing thing. Here I was doing dishes and my mind just shifts into high gear and after that, I was determined to go with the idea and make the website. So here we are.

I have known that praying is a core practice that every Christian needs to become proficient in, if they desire to advance in their relationship with God. As many Christians have confirmed, both prayer and an understanding of the Bible work together to bring us closer to God.

God loves us and He has given us, in the Bible, many precious promises to help us know how we may get to know Him and find peace, hope and satisfaction in our own lives. I am hoping and praying that this website can be a tool God will use to help us live happy, purposeful lives, as we walk together with God.

May God's blessings be on you as you seek to know Him better.