Many requests from Kenya, Pakistan and Bangladesh


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Manu in Kenya is in hospital. Needs medicine and food to feed his orphans.

James in Kenya needs 3 Bibles.

Asif in Pakistan needs food for orphans. Also His father has cancer and will die in a few days needs medicine because he is in a lot of pain.

Wafula in Kenya, his crops were destroyed by hail Friday. Now he will be short of food over winter. Also he needs help to pay school fees to get his children back in school. Also His father is old but need an operation. Wafula has been given almost half the cost of the operation but needs the rest before the Dr's will operate.

Ouzam in Pakistan has infection from first operation and is in great pain. He needs the money the Dr's ask for before they can operate again. He also needs food for his family.

Matt in USA needs money for cataract surgery on his eyes. Also His wife has lung cancer and needs medicine. They are poor even though they are in the USA.

Chondon in Bangladesh asks for a wheelchair for his elderly father. Wheelchair costs $500. His father has had a stroke and now cannot walk. Chondan's sister has a tumor on her neck and needs an operation but they have no money for that.

There are more but this is what are most recent and ongoing.

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